Friday, July 23, 2010

This is my journey

Hello. Today I decided that I would start a blog about my journey through recovery from drugs and alcohol, from addiction, anything outside myself that made me feel better, and get out of that person I was.
I have never written a blog before, and I don't normally like to share my problems, successes, or personal life with anyone, so this will be a journey for all. I will eventually fill in the blanks, and get into my history, where I'm at, where I came from and where I'm going. I basically want an outlet to voice my feelings, and thoughts about what has become a life long struggle, and war to save my own life from the grips of a horrible addiction to alcohol, cocaine, pills, weed, and eventually heroin, and everything in between. Not necessarily in that order, but you get it?
My blog may not be the fanciest, most technical, cute, and organized as most, but it will be one mans open honest truth about the horror, and the hope of addiction. I will do my best to write something daily, even if it's just that I want to say hello, but this might get interesting. I encourage questions and comments, good and bad, and indifferent, I am open minded, and not boxed into any one way of thinking, religion, or politics.
I am Brian B. I'm a 42 year old recovering addict/alcoholic. I am married, and have 5, yes 5 beautiful children. Only one of which is my step son. 3 boys ages 5,15,21 and 2 girls both 15. My boys all live with my wife and I, and my girls, both from different mothers, live with there mothers. My wife Tracie, is my high-school sweetie, we have been together for over 25 years off and on. We finally got married in October of 2008. WOW, who would have thunk it! Tracie is an RN at a local hospitol, and I have been doing construction for most of my adult life, when I could, I have not worked in 5 years. We decided that I would be a stay at home dad when we had our youngest child. For anyone out there that thinks being a stay at home dad is easy- Blow-me! It's just not for me. I have made the commitment to do it though, and it's coming to an end. Lil Brian will start Kindergarten this Fall.
This is all I have time for right now but stay tuned!

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