Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Getting Better....

Today is day 16....feeling great so far today, considering that I was up at 330am. I have my son today, looking forward to spending some quality time with him......haven't had any energy for days on end. It takes everything I have to just get my funky butt in the shower, and put clothes on. The chills have subsided, and the sweats are close behind. I think I'm nearing the end? God help me, I sure hope so.........its been a long road.
Went to the Doctor yesterday........he says "we might have to put you back on a "maintenance dose"........are you fucking kidding me right now? I'm looking for a new Doctor.....most of them just don't get it.....have I mentioned it's all about $$$, at the expense of others health and sanity!~ Needless to say, I told him he was fucking nuts~ I will never put chemicals in my body, one day at a time as long as I live......god willing~
My wife and I are separated right now, but we are beginning to have "adult" conversations.......shes still sick as well. She had become very co-dependant on me, and my issues........she was addicted to my MESS. Any how.....that's a good thing ( adult conversation) that is. Normally we argue like kinder gardeners, fighting over a loli-pop. Of course, I play a part by feeding into it, but recall..........this is a process. Its progress not perfection. Hope all's well out there in the WWW......its go time.

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